FERMENT [cheese] at Berkeley Art Museum
Date & Time
April 29, 2011, 6pm–9pm
UC Berkeley Art Museum

FERMENT [cheese] is a multi-media concert/presentation/tasting exploring milk’s journey to cheesehood.

Through an immersive sound environment we invite visitors to more fully experience the fermented arts. FERMENT[cheese] is a collaboration between Sue Conley, co-founder of Cowgirl Creamery and sound artist, Chris Kallmyer.

Everyone is encouraged to come, but there is limited space in the workshops so please sign up ahead of time here!

  • Cheese
    The Cowgirl Creamery is curating a milk-to-cheese tasting that will take visitors through the cheese making process finishing with their aged cheeses. At 7:30 Sue Conley, co-founder of Cowgirl Creamery will speak about the art of cheese making, and the sustainable qualities of artisan and farmstead agriculture.
  • Sound
    The evening’s milk-to-cheese tasting will be accompanied by field recordings of cows eating grass, curd draining, cheese aging, and oral history with local dairyman, John Taverna. Chris Kallmyer will create site-specific and dispersed sound works inspired by the cheese making process and fermentation set within a rich texture of field recordings. The experimental ensemble, TempWerks will perform these new pieces using cow bells, harmonicas, violin, accordion, saxophone, and electronics.Check out an excerpt of Chris’ work below – featuring John Taverna’s jersey cows.
  • Image
    Projected video will cover three walls of the space with images of John Taverna’s Jersey Cow Dairy. The ambient, incidental video will show visitors the pace of farm life with farm workers, cows grazing, and the surrounding landscape of John’s organic dairy farm. Films by Emily Lacy and Chris Kallmyer.