Tommy Santee Klaws House Tour 2011
Date & Time
September 18, 2011, 12pm–5pm
Machine Project

On Sunday, September 18th we are sending Tommy Santee Klaws on an epic one day tour of your home/hut/garage or bomb shelter. The band will arrive at your door and perform one song for you and your household.

Q: How can I get Tommy Santee Klaws to make my house a stop on the tour?
A: If you happen to live within a five-mile radius of Machine Project, you can RSVP at this link HERE. There are only 7 spots available and sign ups will be taken on a first come, first served basis (with a few slots reserved for Machine members). Once they are filled registration will be closed and the tour will be planned accordingly.

Q: When will they be coming by and how will they find me?
A: Once registered, you will be contacted by Machine Project asking for your address and a span of time between 12 and 5pm in which you’ll be available.

Q: What’s the charge for this awesomeness?
A: This awesomeness is free.

Q: Will there be a commemorative tour poster made?
A: Yes! A limited edition, silk-screened tour poster will be mailed to you about 6 – 8 weeks after your concert.

Q: Can I invite my friends/family/neighbors/pets to the show?
A: Hey, it’s your house.

Q: What’s a live Tommy Santee Klaws performance like?
A: Here’s a video of Tommy Santee Klaws performing amidst the Sea Nymph shipwreck installation at Machine Project:

Tommy Santee Klaws in the shipwreck from Machine Project on Vimeo.