Date & Time
October 26, 2012, 8pm
the last minute after the brewing process is complete.

The art and science of brewing a fine beer is a delicate and complex process. The distinctive flavor of various beers arises from a combination of water quality, malted grains, flowery hops, and the diligent work of micro-organisms.

OR, you can just add a bunch of random flavor profiles at the last minute after the brewing process is complete.

Join us for an evening of beer education, deconstruction, and best of all: consumption. Home brewers Andrew Hong and Nick Clute-Reinig will discuss the different ingredients that come together to create that amazing brewed goodness, then take one of our beers (or bring your own) and play around with different extracts, oils, and other flavors to create new styles on the spot. Turn a boring old pale ale into an IPA in a matter of seconds. Make a coffee stout in the blink of an eye. Beer magic? More or less. So come on by, learn some fun facts about beer, drink a few, and confuse your taste buds.