Listening (in/to) the Periphery
with Bryan Eubanks and Catherine Lamb
Date & Time
October 14, 2012, 8pm
Machine Project

A collaborative “lecture” with Bryan Eubanks and Catherine Lamb.

From different approaches/processes, musical investigations and backgrounds, Bryan and Cat will discuss/share various perspectives on listening (in/to) the periphery. Touching upon extended durations, generative structures, wave field synthesis, harmonic fields, and “gray” sound, they invite you to be present…

“Such, then, is the bland sound: an attenuated sound that retreats from the ear and is allowed to simply die out over the longest possible time. We hear it still, but just barely; and as it diminishes, it makes all the more audible that soundless beyond into which it is about to extinguish itself. We are listening, then, to its extinction, to its return to the great undifferentiated Matrix. This is the sound that, in its very fading, gradually opens the way from the audible to the inaudible and causes us to experience the continuous movement from one to the other. And as it gradually sheds its aural materiality, it leads us to the threshold of silence, a silence we experience as plentitude, at the very root of all harmony.” -Francois Jullien, from In Praise of Blandness

Funded in part through New Music USA’s MetLife Creative Connections program.