The Pleasure Industry, or 10,080 Hours Aboard Cruise Ships
Date & Time
November 23, 2012, 8pm
Machine Project

James Klopfleisch is an experimental composer and performer.

He has also spent approximately 15 months as a musician aboard cruise ships. The Pleasure Industry is a non-sequential series of stories, anecdotes, and observations about cruise ship life (all true and totally accurate). Ranging from memories of Longyearbyen (the world’s northernmost town) to the Mesoamerican reef off of Honduras, from Steve Gad to the Masturbating Apes of Gibraltar, from death-at-sea to David Pitchfork Mattress-Chain Heir, The Pleasure Industry is an illuminating account of life aboard the worlds foremost floating cities. Accompanied by a sound track of field recordings made throughout his travels, some discreet and some not so. Will contain offensive language and adult content.