Voice of Your Desire
With Odeya Nini
Date & Time
January 8, 2012, 1pm–3pm
Machine Project

So often we see objects of our desire displayed in store windows, like a new style we want to wear on our bodies, but what if we could hear words we want to be our voices?

You are invited to send an anonymous letter with something you really want to say. Stories you want to tell, confessions you want to make, foreign languages you wish you knew, nonsensical ideas you want to yell, new years resolutions, secrets, announcements, accusations, protests, reconciliations, wishes, prayers, etc.

Your desired words will then be set to melody and rhythm, and performed by Odeya Nini at the Machine Project storefront on Sunday January 8th from 1-3.

Please send or drop-off your anonymous letters to Machine Project by Jan 4th. 1200-D North Alvarado Street, Los Angeles, CA 90026