Monday, August 20, 2012
Machine This Week: August 23 – 24th

EVENT : Telepathic Double Feature.
Thursday August 23rd from 4 – 7pm & 8pm
Join us for appointment based telepathic drawing session (4 – 7pm) between your pet and Lauren von Gogh, a founding member of the Sober & Lonely Institute of Contemporary Art. Based on the scientific investigations of Karl Krall in the early 1900s, von Gogh will be channeling the unspoken thoughts of pets into watercolor abstractions. To participate in the Telepathic Pet Drawing Session please email Lauren von Gogh at lauren@soberandlonely.org. Appointments will be available between 4-7pm in durations of 15 minutes per session. All species of pet are welcome. If your pet cannot travel, bring a photograph or video clip of them along to the session.

Telepathic pet drawings will be followed by a performance by Ezra Buchla, Luke Fischbeck and Corey Fogel of Frederic Rzewski’s Spacecraft (8pm). In the “Plan for Spacecraft”, Rzewski conceives of a musical performance in which the thoughts between the performers travel through a mutual labyrinth to break through the conventions held by thoughts of the audience.

EVENT : Electronic Voices.
Friday, August 24th 2012 at 8pm
During the 20th century electricity merged with the human voice, and synthesized new cultural identities. The Sonovox, the Vocoder, dynamic loudspeakers, condenser microphones, the Talk Box, cell phones, and Autotune are inventions that defined and amplified new human existences and social movements above the din of modernity. These devices modulated, imitated, transmitted and encrypted mankind’s speech, fostering a louder, multi-dimensional, and subversive global conversation. Composer, sound designer and multi-media artist Justin Asher will give a lecture and demonstrate these devices, vocally filtering them through the stories, art and emotions of WWII, the afro-futurists, post-war technocratic socialists, baby boomer consumerists, and millennials.
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