Tuesday, February 21, 2012
Machine This Week: February 22nd – 26th

EVENT : Massagem Sonora.
Wednesday, February 22nd ongoing from 11am to 4pm.
An experiment on intimacy, personal space and bodily resonance by Carmina Escobar. Massagem Sonora establishes a relationship of discovery between individuals, usually strangers, that allow themselves to be improvised on via voice and facial resonators applied to their bodies to discover their own unique resonant geographies.
EVENT : Boundary Pageant #2.
Saturday, February 23rd at 8pm.
Please join us for a night of critical demography. Topics will include: the politics of (statistical) sampling, why filling out the census form might be more important than voting, how thousands of German citizens boycotted the 1983 census, and the radical forms of demography that sprang up around the German anti-census movement.
EVENT : Battle of Los Angeles 70th Anniversary Commemoration.
Friday, February 24th at 8pm.
Shortish lecture (15-30 min) on the Battle of Los Angeles by Jason Brown, with backing sound.
Followed by a 20-30 min sound performance by Ambient Force 3000 (working title: “Threnody ’42: The Silence of the Cows”).
EVENT : Affect-adjusted graphological readings.
Saturday, February 25th ongoing from 12 to 4pm.
Ben Benjamin will be performing free handwriting analysis from 11 to 4pm. Pens and pencils and stationery will be provided free of charge. Please note! We cannot provide non-affect-adjusted graphological readings.
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