Monday, January 23, 2012
Machine This Week, Jan. 26th – 29th

EVENT : Future Gestalt.
Thursday, January 26th ongoing from 8 – 10pm.
In a new performance for Machine Project, Brody Condon will present a 1970’s group encounter session set in the far future.
EVENT : Memory and Data Storage: The Ampex Corporation.
Friday, January 27th ongoing from 8 – 10pm.
The project is an investigation of Ampex corporate culture and identity in relationship to its role as a manufacture of memory storage / data storage materials and devices. The project views the Ampex corporate culture through the memories of the people that worked for the company.
EVENT : Shuffle Stagger Fail.
Saturday, January 28th at 8pm.
Join poet/performer/librettist Douglas Kearney at Machine Project for Shuffle Stagger Fail, the release of his new chapbook, SkinMag (A5/Deadly Chaps).
EVENT : Bandwagon! (a combine).
Sunday, January 29th at 8pm.
A musical evening featuring questionable uses of technology inspired by David Tudor’s Bandoneon! (a combine). May include accordions, saxophones, drums, live video projection and/or dancing Coke cans. Curated by Isaac Schankler, with Casey Anderson, Scott Cazan, Daniel Corral, Sean Deyoe, Corey Fogel and Christopher O’Leary.
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