Monday, October 8, 2012
Machine This Week: October 11 – 14th

CLASS : Ghosts!
Thursday, October 11th from 7 – 10pm
Just in time for Halloween multimedia designer and hardware hacker Chris Weisbart will talk about various technologies he has used to create ghostly imagery for museum exhibits and haunted houses. The class will begin with a thorough discussion the techniques the Imagineers used to create the most famous of all ghost houses: the haunted mansion at Disneyland. The class will then continue with a demonstration of how to duplicate these effects in the home workshop.

EVENT : Dark Matter.
Friday, October 12th at 8pm
Physicist Jennifer Siegal-Gaskins and artist Ricardo Dominguez will present two perspectives on the invisible, intangible, enigmatic mystery material Dark Matter. Their diverging viewpoints will collide at an evening exploring hidden facets of our universe and culture.

EVENT : Hive Mind.
Saturday, October 13th from 2 to 5pm
HIVE MIND is an experiment in music, poetry, and swarm consciousness, exploring the communicative and sonic particularities of the honeybee. From 2 -3pm beekeeper Susan Rudnicki will give a lecture and from 3 – 5pm engineer/musician Giancarlo de la Cruz will perform an inter-species musical collaboration. Come for the drone fest, stay to read to the bees, don our sensory deprivation bee veils, or simply relax and enjoy the wild-fermented mead and a local honey tasting.

EVENT : Listening (in/to) the Periphery.
Sunday, October 14th at 8pm
This will be a collaborative lecture between musicians and sound artists Bryan Eubanks and Catherine Lamb. From different approaches/processes, musical investigations and backgrounds, Bryan and Cat will discuss/share various perspectives on listening (in/to) the periphery. Touching upon extended durations, generative structures, wave field synthesis, harmonic fields, and “gray” sound, they invite you to bring your ears and be present.

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