Monday, October 15, 2012
Machine This Week: October 20 – 21st

EVENT : Pull Through
Saturday, October 20th from 4 – 9pm with performances at 6 & 8pm
Pull Through by Wages is a sound installation with conceptual performances interspersed. Instrumentally, Pull Through introduces a unique use of traditional guitars, bowing them with spooled nylon lines. At its core, the piece symbolizes a segment of the life cycle, with each second symbolizing the space of a day (to illustrate, 365 days = 365 seconds, or a little over 6 minutes to complete a year).

CLASS : Third Eye Workshop.
Sunday, October 21st from 10am to 4pm
What if you could see if someone was behind you, feel how close they are to you? Would that change your notion of the borders of your body, change the kind of social interactions you have with people, open up new possibilities for group games and sports? In the Third_Eye Workshop each participant will build and take home a 3rd_eye, a small device that can be clipped on a headband, hat or cap. The third_eye uses infrared light to sense your proximity to people or objects and buzzes more vigorously the closer they are. Register at the following link:


CLASS : Mask-Making Workshop
Tuesday, October 23rd & Thursday, October 25th from 7 – 10pm
Our second Halloween preparedness workshop this month! This workshop will take place over two evenings. In the first class you will learn how to sketch, sculpt and create a buckram mask shell. In the second class you will trim, fit, paint and wear your mask out the door. Register at the following link:


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