Working with accelerometers and movement to manipulate sound.
Bodies, Sensors, and Sound workshop
with and Stephanie Smith
Date & Time
September 23, 2012, 12pm–3pm
September 29, 2012, 12pm–3pm
September 30, 2012, 12pm–3pm
Machine Project
$185 for members
$200 for non-members

We will build a simple arduino-based accelerometer interface that will interpret movement to manipulate sound. We will inform our movement with a miniature choreography class where we observe the movement around us, categorize it using Laban Movement Analysis, and expand upon it using choreographic tools. We will learn how to use PureData to transcode this movement exploration into an expressive sound environment.

What you’ll need:
Laptop with PureData (free program that we’ll install in class)
A sock or stocking (clean preferred)

The following kit will be provided:
Arduino UNO R3 (w/ headers)
accelerometer: MMA7361
USB 2.0 cable
all necessary resistors, wires, and solder

Natalie Metzger (movement artist) is an award-winning choreographer and filmmaker based in Los Angeles. She uses the body and technology to create abstract narratives in highly aestheticized environments. Her work has been recognized across the US and internationally with such honors as the HARC Foundation’s 2011 Emerging Choreographer Award, the American Dance Festival’s Certificate of Distinction, the Sudler Award in the Arts, the Pioneer Award, and Official Selections from more than twenty-five festivals in North America and Europe. Metzger holds a Master of Fine Arts in Dance and Integrated Media from California Institute of the Arts and a Bachelor of Arts in Dance and Theater from Emory University.

Stephanie Smith (composer/electronic artist)  is a multiple-media artist, composer and violinist who enjoys creating environments that move and influence the mind and body. She often works with massive textures, tactile objects, light, and choreography. She is a graduate of the University of Chicago and earned a Master of Fine Arts in Experimental Sound Practices and Integrated Media at California Institute of the Arts.

Class 1
Sunday, September 23, 12pm–3pm
Lesson 1
with Natalie Metzger and Stephanie Smith

Sensor Introduction
Sensor Build
Movement Introduction

Class 2
Saturday, September 29, 12pm–3pm
Lesson 2
with Natalie Metzger and Stephanie Smith

Movement exploration
Sensor Programming

Class 3
Sunday, September 30, 12pm–3pm
Lesson 3
with Natalie Metzger and Stephanie Smith

Active playing with sensors and movement
Brainstorm future potentials and projects