Hackteria: DIY Microscopes & BioHacks
with Marc Dusseiller & Urs Gaudenz
Date & Time
July 28, 2012, 12pm–5pm
Machine Project
$35 for members
45 for non-members

Members of the Swiss Mechatronic Art Society are in town and will be stopping by Machine Project to present an introduction to biohacking, culminating in a hands on workshop for building a DIY microscope out of a simple webcam.

Through an easy hack, every webcam can be turned into a useful digital microscope, allowing the magnified observation of life forms, analysis of biological motion and form, as well as audio-visual interpretations for aesthetic presentation.
Participants should bring a laptop and anything they’d like have prepared and observed. Webcams and other materials will be provided.

12 – 1pm | Public Lecture: Introduction into Hackteria (global) and the Swiss Mechatronic Art Society
13 – 5pm | Workshop: DIY microscopy and general BioHacks
5 – 6pm | Open discussions, drinks and bugs

About Hackteria & the Swiss Mechtronic Art Society:

Hackteria | Open Source Biological Art, DIY Biology, Generic Lab Infrastructure
As a community platform hackteria tries to encourage the collaboration of scientists, hackers and artists to combine their experitise, write critical and theoretical reflections, share simple instructions to work with lifescience technologies and cooperate on the organization of workshops, festival and meetings. The aim of the project is to develop a rich web resource for people interested in or developing projects that involve DIY bioart, open source software and electronic experimentation.

Swiss Mechatronic Art Society
The Swiss Mechatronic Art Society (SGMK, established in 2006) is a collective of engineers, hackers, scientists and artists that joined to collaborate and promote on creative and critical uses of technology. They develop DIY technologies, collaborate with social and educational institutions, run the diy* festival and the public “MechArt Lab” in Zurich, and organize workshops in electronics, robotics, physical computing, diy-biology, lofi-music