16 Yokai: A Supernatural Sampler of Demonic Possession!
with Jasmine Orpilla and Chris Candelaria
Date & Time
November 16, 2013, 5pm
Machine Project Mystery Theater
$9 for members
$15 for non-members

16 YOKAI: a Supernatural Sampler of Demonic Possession!

An audience-instigated manipulation of 18th century Japanese supernatural phenomena at the hands of 19th century troubadours!

16 uncanny beings called forth before your very eyes (and ears)!

Dare to endeavor the Supernatural Sampler yourself!

And behold! A minimalist ceremony of unique compositions and fearsome communication by vocal medium Jasmine Orpilla, with complex electronic soundscapes woven live by bassist Chris Candelaria! Witness the wonders of modern technology at the service of the supernatural! Experience channeled beings in eerie haiku!

Visitors will be forewarned in the entrance safety tour, NOT to touch ANY component of their Extraordinary Lab of Sonic Doom, and to wait until summoned, for your turn to try… the Supernatural Sampler!”*

* The Supernatural Sampler will be premiered at Machine Project in the presence of Honorable Taishi Tanaka Haruko, Ambassador of Japan.

** The Supernatural Sampler ceremony will be managed within the lighting design parameters of Ms. Caroline Kim.

*** 16 YOKAI may only manifest for one half hour.

**** 16 YOKAI may not be suitable for people with epilepsy nor young children.