Double Bill – Fol Chen’s “The Horror of Discontinuity” & Gray Palmer’s “I Get Phone Calls From the Dead”
Date & Time
November 2, 2013, 11:59pm
Machine Project
$9 for members
$15 for non-members

Fol Chen Presents: The Horror of Discontinuity Short Film Festival.

Graduation takes a sinister turn when Melanie is visited by plane tickets from the near future. Embedded in every horror movie is a secondary tale of terror – a tale of discontinuous time and space, where the laws of nature and reason hold no sway. It takes a keen eye to spot this film-within-the-film, but thanks to a tireless army of online Power Viewers, there is no detail small enough to escape our collective gaze. In the guise of a short film festival, Fol Chen presents an evening of music and video using “continuity errors” from classic horror movies (as enumerated in IMDB’s user-generated “Goofs” section and in homemade videos on YouTube) to explore the nightmare landscape of useless information and anonymous criticism we now inhabit. Featuring video editing by Ian Byers-Gamber.

We’ve never actually met Gray Palmer, but he is a playwright who evidently gets phone calls from the dead in his piece “I Get Phone Calls from the Dead.” Mr. Palmer tells story of “becoming a resonance capacitor” which allows the recently dead to make phone calls to the living. He attempts a demonstration. Sometimes it doesn’t work.