The Day of Speculative Motion
with Kelly Sears
Date & Time
April 21, 2013, 9am
Machine Project

A screening of works by Kelly Sears.

The Day of Speculative Motion presents a series of dystopic short works featuring wayward astronauts, ghostly beauty queens, eager soldiers, haunted ex-presidents alluring telephone operators and doomed 1970s high school students. Kelly Sears uses popular American imagery to create parafictional readings of the nation’s past and forge connections with the present-day. These works draw on the intersection of animation, experimental film, recycled cinema, and the film essay. Through this patchwork of American Post War histories, Sears examines the darker side of the American Dream in hallucinatory vignettes.

Please join the artist Kelly Sears for tea, toast and a talk at 11am.

Works shown:

Voice on the Line, 2009
Tropical Depression, 2012
The Rancher, 2012
The Drift, 2007
Once It Started It Could Not End Otherwise, 2011
Cover Me, Alpha, 2011