You Will Be My Music
with Fol Chen
Date & Time
February 23, 2013, 4pm–8pm
Machine Project

This workshop will be available to only four lucky Machine Project members.

Fol Chen will invite non-musicians into a mobile studio, where over the course of an hour-long session the band will help participants to literally “cover” a favorite pop song, assisting them to record their own sounds and vocals on top of a track from their personal music collection. At the end of the hour, the original song will be deleted from the multi-track Pro Tools session, leaving only the sounds we recorded, which will then be mixed down into a kind of ghost image of the original. The result will be a deeply abstract and personal version of the song, a fleshing-out of the way we hear beloved songs in our heads. In a very explicit way, this toys with the idea of what it means to “cover” a song, where our coverage will be layers of sound-as-sediment, building up and eventually subsuming the original.

Meanwhile, Rosten Woo will work with participants to create album artwork through a similar process.

We are assuming more than four people will want to do this, so we will be picking participants by their ability to guess the frequency of the pitch I’m humming while writing this post. Hints – it’s between 20 to 20,000 Hz and it’s not 440 or 432. Email your guess to m@machineproject.com before midnight on Thursday, Feb 21st with the subject line [I WILL BE MY MUSIC].