Monday, October 7, 2013
Machine this Week : a workshop, a new video, and more.
EVENT : Musical Soldering at 1450 Ocean, Santa Monica
Saturday, October 12th, 2-5pm

We’ve partnered with 1450 Ocean in Santa Monica to bring some of our most popular workshops to the Westside. Our first beach-side class will be the ever-popular Musical Soldering, led by Machine Project founder Mark Allen on Saturday, October 12th from 2-5pm. Participants will learn to solder by building a primitive (but rad) synthesizer. As people get their synths working, we’ll add some music-making, and by the end of the workshop everyone will play a simple and inevitably out of tune musical piece together.

Registration is $40 for Machine members and $50 for non-members. For more information and to register click here.

If you’re more into thread than resistors, consider our Embroidery for Artists class at 1450 Ocean the following Saturday, October 19th.

ARCHIVE : Walking Places: Four Walks in Los Angeles, Ken Ehrlich

A series of four playful, absurd, critical and activity-based walks in different parts of the city that examine the architectural landscape up close and reveal Los Angeles as a space of ghosts, projections, limits and possibilities. Led by Ken Ehrlich and an invited collaborator, each walk presented a framed experience of a part of the city, rather than a narration or tour of architectural history.

This event is part of Machine Project’s Field Guide to L.A. Architecture.

SAVE THE DATE : Alvarado Caverns and Mystery Theater opens next week
Alvarado Caverns and Mystery Theater will be open to the public starting Thursday, October 17th from 8-11pm. The storefront cavern will be open from Thursday through Sunday from 8-11pm through November 24th. We are currently inviting opera singers, poets, performance artists, musicians, actors, scientists, and playwrights to develop programming for our basement theater related to hauntings, the uncanny, and the mysterious. The schedule for the theater will be updated here as shows are confirmed.

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS : We need actors and puppeteers!

As we just mentioned, the Machine Project storefront has been transformed into the haunted Alvarado Caverns and Mystery Theater, and now we need volunteers to complete the magic. If you’ve been hankering to learn Victorian-era seance and theater techniques and/or have some time to spare on the occasional Thursday through Sunday evening for the next several weeks, drop a line to machine@machineproject.com with the subject line [feeling caveish], and mark your calendar for a training session this Wednesday, October 9 at 7:30pm (where you’ll also get a sneak peek at the caverns!).

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