Tuesday, October 29, 2013
Machine this Week : Halloween at Alvarado Caverns & Theater Performances


OPEN HALLOWEEN CAVERN HOURS : Alvarado Caverns and Mystery Theater
Thursdays through Saturdays, 8-10pm

We built a haunted cavern so, as you might imagine, the fact that it’s Halloween hasn’t escaped us. So, during our open hours this weekend we’ll have some seasonally appropriate screenings and singalongs. For instance:

*Thursday, October 31st, 8-10pm: Jason Betrue will host creepy karaoke in our basement Victorian theater that will feature some of music’s best-loved spooky, eerie, and gruesome songs, the lyrics of which may be displayed on top of videos of kittens, horses, and couples walking down the beach at sunset.

*Friday, November 1st & Saturday, November 2nd, 8-10pm: Joe Merrell brings us “Suspension of Disbelief (for the love of Frater Perdurabo & K.A.)” which is, in large part, an animated 3D ChromaDepth video homage to the work of Kenneth Anger and Aleister Crowley. The version of the piece being screened at Machine Project was made especially for the Alvarado Canyons and Mystery Theater project. 3D glasses provided; not for the faint of heart or those sensitive to flashing lights and images!

THEATER PERFORMANCES : Machine Project’s Mystery Theater

Seating for all shows in the Mystery Theater is extremely limited and by advance purchase only. No late seating. All tickets are $9 for members // $15 for non-members unless otherwise noted. For a list of upcoming shows, click here.

*Friday, November 1st at 11:59pm : You Will Close Your Eyes – Laura Rivera
The evening explores the relationships between trance states (or variable consciousness) and the experience of artworks, especially through literary expression. Through verbal suggestion and poetry, the audience will be put in a trance state that will connect them to an experience of their inner worlds.

SOLD OUT, sorry

*Saturday, November 2 at 2:00pm, 3:30pm, and 5:00pm: Abstraction Reaction – Kelly Sears
Kelly Sears curates a program of experimental animation that explores the space beyond the pictorial, figurative and often the recognizable — abstraction as a craft and a wide variety of techniques with which contemporary artists forge a lyrical, graphical, and liminal visual practice. Tickets are $7 for members, $10 general.

CLICK HERE to purchase tickets for these shows.

*Saturday, November 2 at 11:59pm: Double bill – Fol Chen’s “The Horror of Discontinuity” & Gray Palmer’s “I Get Phone Calls From the Dead”
Fol Chen presents an evening of music and video using “continuity” errors in classic 80s horror movies (as enumerated in the anonymous, user-generated IMDB “Goofs” section) to explore the nightmare landscape of useless information and anonymous criticism we now inhabit. And we’ve never actually met Gray Palmer, but he is a playwright who evidently gets phone calls from the dead. Sometimes it doesn’t work.

SOLD OUT, sorry

*Sunday, November 3 at 5:00pm: Joshua Beckman
Come listen to Joshua Beckman read his new book to you — the whole thing, all of it — in our charming mystery theater.

CLICK HERE to purchase tickets for this show.

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