Monday, April 22, 2013
Machine This Weekend: April 27 – 28th

WORKSHOP : Yodels of the WorldSaturday, April 27th from 3 – 5pm
We will learn all kinds of yodeling, herding calls and glottal techniques including but not limited to yodels from America, Africa, Bulgaria/ the Balkans, and Scandinavia, including Swedish kulning. We will also cover Jewel, Zap Mama and Alanis Morissette. No singing or yodeling experience required! Hold onto your lederhosen.

Registration is $30 general admission & $25 for Machine Project members. Sign up at the following link:

EVENT : PING VS PONGSaturday, April 27th at 8pm
Ping and Pong have been partnered for years, but very little consideration is given to the intense, simmering rivalry that lurks just beneath the surface. In this audience-controlled lecture, Jason Torchinsky will explore the parallel and separate histories of both all the things he could find named Ping and Pong, the grandfather of all video games.

The lecture itself will be controlled by the audience playing a real, 1975-vintage Pong machine. If left player scores, Ping will be discussed, and if right, Pong, and back and forth until either Torchinsky’s head explodes or the audience leaves in disgust and pity. It could totally fail as well! Come and see!

EVENT : Chance meeting in a storefront of a ping pong table and a sound installationSunday, April 28th from 3 to 5pm
Raphael Arar & Wyatt Penn Keusch invite you to experience a ping pong table and some sound at Machine Project. A set of activities will be available upon arrival—you may choose whether or not to follow them. The only guidelines are to interact with the space (play a match, walk around, throw some ping pong balls in the air) and experience a responsive sonic environment in the process.

PERFORMANCE: Machine in Miami: Asher Hartman’s “The Florida Room” at Cannonball Friday, April 26, 2013, 8:00 PM Saturday, April 27, 2013, 7:00 PM & 10:30 PM

Cannonball (Miami, FL) and Machine Project (Los Angeles, CA) are thrilled to announce the premiere of Asher Hartman’s new play The Florida Room. This two-hour live, public play will take place at two private residences in the MiMo district of Miami and feature actors Franc Baliton, Rochelle Fabb, Michael Morrissey, Paul Outlaw, and Joe Seely.

The play’s narrative follows a man who has become so alienated from himself at mid-life that he is split into beings, gradually becoming a deity whose creative and destructive impulses have a profound effect on his closest friends who’ve come to help him in the home he’s house sitting. Beneath the mythically charged plot is a terse exploration of psychological violence, debt, friendship, and the American quest for security. Audiences watch as the play unfolds around them. Musical, nastily funny, and haunting, The Florida Room makes us think about the deep emotional attachment we have to the material world.

WORKSHOP: Walking Into Walls (And Curtains) With Asher Hartman at Cannonball, Miami Monday, April 29, 6:00-9:00 pm 

Free and open to all

Cannonball (Miami, FL) and Machine Project (Los Angeles, CA) are thrilled to announce a one-day workshop by artist Asher Hartman. Free and open to the public, Walking into Walls (and Curtains) is a workshop of actors and visual artists interested in stirring up new ideas about “live art.”

We will collectively ponder and perform questions about the ways in which the coupling of actor and artist can spark new ideas about the relationships between the being and the object; space, place and text; seeing and sensing, making and witnessing. Our goal is to rethink the ways in which crossing disciplinary boundaries can widen the sight lines of live art. Without making a grand distinction between performance art and theater, we may consider spoken texts, naturalistic and other acting techniques, and blocking and choreography, meditation, and energy work as useful tools, and we will be thinking about concepts of audience and stage. Everyone will perform.

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