Thursday, February 21, 2013
Machine This Weekend: February 22nd – 24th

EVENT : Cliff Hengst
Friday, February 22nd at 8pm
Artist Cliff Hengst is visiting us from San Francisco. You may remember Cliff from our video of his uphill performance during the Southern Machine Exposure Project last summer. We’re still not exactly sure what Cliff has in store for us on Friday but he promises four performances whose keywords may include: Balloon Limbo, the metal band Venom, silent reenactments, Dave Eggers and personalized one-liners about audience members.

WORKSHOP : “You Will Be My Music” with Fol Chen
Saturday, February 23rd : One hour sessions from 4 to 8pm
Fol Chen will invite non-musicians into a mobile studio, where over the course of an hour-long session the band will help participants to literally “cover” a favorite pop song, assisting them to record their own sounds and vocals on top of a track from their personal music collection. At the end of the hour, the original song will be deleted from the multi-track Pro Tools session, leaving only the sounds we recorded, which will then be mixed down into a kind of ghost image of the original. Meanwhile, Rosten Woo will work with participants to create album artwork through a similar process.

WORKSHOPS : Workshops from the Workshop on Workshops
Sunday, February 24th. Morning Section: 10 to noon. Afternoon section: 2 to 5pm
We just did a workshop on teaching workshops with a dozen brilliant UCLA grad students, out of which came a bunch of one hour educational experiments. There will be two sessions: the morning session is from 10am-noon and covers Getting Started With Inflatables and Household Hardware Hacking. The afternoon session is from 2 to 5pm and covers Microbial Aesthetics, Casual Circuits, and Video Mapping.

More details are available here: http://machineproject.com/build/engine/archive/classwork/2013/02/24/workshops-from-the-workshop-on-workshops

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