Monday, March 3, 2014
Machine this Week : March 6th – 8th


EVENT : From the Bottom of a Well Looking Up — Ezra Buchla, Brian Crabtree, and Kelli Cain
Thursday, March 6th at 8pm and 10pm
Join us for a performance for the ghost of António Augusto Carvalho Monteiro (1848 – 1920) — botanist, bibliophile, alchemist, collector, and general enthusiast of nature and the mysteries of the universe, with music in three parts with three voices: Ezra Buchla, Brian Crabtree, and Kelli Cain.

EVENT : A Thesaurus of Horrors: A History of the Fear of Premature Burial
Friday, March 7th at 8pm
Librarian Megan Rosenbloom, director of Death Salon, takes you on an exploration of the Victorian obsession with premature burial based on books from the era, and how those hilariously lurid books inspired the works of Edgar Allan Poe. Megan will delve into some of the purported tales of live burial, the entrepreneurs who made safety coffins, the societies formed to protect against this primal fear, and how this fear trickles down into our modern culture.

EVENT : Machine Project’s KCET Artbound episode screening
Saturday, March 8th from 12-6pm
Hey, we’re on TV! Drop in any time between 12-6pm to view our hour-long Artbound episode in our Mystery Theater. Featuring videos of performances from last summer’s Machine Project Field Guide to LA Architecture, this is our very first appearance on public television.

EVENT : Table Tennis Professionals vs. Optical Illusion Ping Pong Room!
Saturday, March 8th from 2-5pm
While you’re here for our KCET Artbound episode screening, come check out ping pong pro Adam Bobrow take on the Optical Illusion Ping Pong Room. Hear the table tennis professional talk about what it’s like to play on the international professional circuit, demonstrate some useful techniques, and see how his skills measure up against the disorienting power of the Optical Illusion Ping Pong Room.

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