Monday, September 1, 2014
Machine This Week: September 1st to September 7th

machthisweek 9-1

Tuesday, September 2nd, Thursday, September 4th, and Tuesday, September 9th from 7-10pm
Spots are still available for Scraping, Munging and Mining, a three session class about the inner workings of the internet. Did you know that humans are responsible for only 39% of internet traffic? The rest is composed of bots, applications, scripts, golems and fairy dust. In this class, students will learn how to use clever workarounds and hacks to join the data party and access that sweet, sweet torrent of information that was originally meant for other machines. Learn about HTTP, SSL, URLs, HTML, JavaScript and more! We’ll also be learning how to do some basic scripting in Python along the way. Learn the internet, become the internet. Sign ups end at 6pm, Tuesday, September 2nd, so act fast!

UPCOMING : The Machine Project Field Guide to the Gamble House
Friday, September 19th – Sunday, October 5th
Mark your calendars! The Machine Project Field Guide to the Gamble House is nearly here. During Pasadena’s two week AxS Curiosity Festival, Machine Project is bringing over fifty artists to the 1909 Arts and Crafts style Gamble House. Featuring experimental tours, elusive Swiss-Japanese fusion cuisine, group naps, late nineteenth century light shows, and more! Join us as we reveal and reimagine this historic site. Tickets to workshops and events will be available Tuesday, September 2nd.

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