Plant Preservation and Natural Perfumery Workshop
with instructor Divya Anantharaman
Date & Time
September 20, 2014, 1pm–4pm
the Rear Terrace of the Gamble House
$60 for members
$70 for non-members

Have you ever wished you could bottle up everything good and nice and keep it forever? Well in this workshop you’ll learn how!

Starting with a history of human-plant/aromatic relationships since ancient times, participants will learn plant preservation procedures, including how to create an essential oil fragrance from historically accurate recipes. Based on the instruction provided, participants will have the choice of creating a scent based on authentic Victorian or ancient Egyptian recipes, or their own interpretations of these principles with guidelines, suggestions, and assistance from the instructor. Leave this workshop with a salting/drying box, preserved plant preparation, a 3oz bottle of their own fragrance, printed recipes and guides, and a newly grown fascination with plants.

All materials are provided for use in class, but it is suggested participants bring their own bag to transport their box and bottle, and they’re welcome to bring their own plant material to preserve and experiment on.