Workshop on Workshops NYC
Date & Time
April 10, 2014, 7pm
CUNY Center for the Humanities in Manhattan

Workshop on Workshops is a two hour session on the creation, planning and production of educational programs as a form of experimental curation.

The process begins with an intensive brainstorming exercise where each participant comes up with 50 topics they have some minimal knowledge of (crochet, escaping from handcuffs, satellite design, napping, etc). From there we will take selections from the topics and develop them into workshops which are satisfying, surprising, and welcoming to the public.

Ideas to be discussed will include what are the different forms of workshops and why people participate in them, how to deal with different styles and speeds of learning, the role of empathy in design, and why workshops are an interesting form to work in as an artist, curator, or organizer.

This event is held at the CUNY Center for the Humanities, located at 365 Fifth Avenue, Room C198, New York, NY.