Lizard Weekend: A Picnic Hike for Humans and Lizards
Date & Time
March 21, 2015, 3pm
Machine Project

Troglodytes, ectomorphs, lizard people unite! Machine Project presents Lizard Weekend: A Weekend for Humans and Lizards.

We’ve planned a full weekend for and about our cold-blooded companions, kicking off Saturday afternoon with a hike and picnic for humans and lizards.

Meet us in the parking lot of the Stough Canyon Nature Center in Burbank at 3pm. From there we’ll take a hike up to the ruins of “Old Youth Camp,” a former encampment now populated by lizards. Artist Candice Lin will treat us to a picnic of bugs and veggies that can be enjoyed by both humans and our lizard pets (take yours with you!). We’ll warm ourselves in the sun before returning home to our lizard kin.

For details on the route and driving directions, visit here.