Notes On Gesture
with Martine Syms
Date & Time
October 26, 2015, 8pm
Machine Project

Join us in the Machine Project Mystery Theater on Monday, October 26th at 8pm for a performance by Martine Syms. The show is approximately 45 minutes, space is limited, purchase advance tickets here.

From Martine:

“I’ve been researching a set of gestures first studied by John Bulwer in 1644. I came across Bulwer’s texts Chirologia and Chironomia while looking for information about acting techniques. I was thinking about the similarities and differences between real movements and movements made for camera. I started comparing Bulwer’s index to YouTube videos and animated GIFs featuring black women. How did I learn to move? I modeled myself after the women in my family, celebrities, and public figures. I had learned by looking, by being a witness. These images had accumulated in my body.”