Tuesday, February 10, 2015
Machine This Week: February 10th and Beyond


Event: Hour of Power REDUX 2
Friday, February 13th // 8pm
This Friday is a very rare and auspicious Friday the 13th, so we’re planning a very sp00ky evening of powerpoint presentations. Like ghosts, witches, conspiracies or mysteries? Make a powerpoint! All are invited to participate and we’d like to emphasize that the bar is LOW – powerpoints must be shorter than 3.33 minutes (three minutes twenty seconds), and they can be about whatever you like – don’t be intimidated, just make one! You can bring it the night of on a USB stick, or email it to machine@machineproject.com. Non-presenting attendees are welcome, but presenting is highly encouraged.

Event: Sunset to Sunset: Walk to the Beach
Sunday, February 15th // 7:30am
What are you doing this Valentine’s Day? Going to bed at a sensible hour we hope, because Sunday morning at 7:30 am we’re meeting at the Machine storefront and we’re walking to the beach! Sunset to Sunset is a pedestrian journey through the mean streets of Los Angeles, exploring the city in a way few of us have before. There will be blisters, exhaustion, sunburns, and tears, but mostly it will be fun. Come join us!

Workshops: Tarot Deck Making and Reading
Thursday, February 19th // 7 to 10pm
Come to Machine Project next Thursday for an evening of tarot deck crafting and reading. Artist and tarot maker Amy Von Harrington and artist/tarot reader extraordinaire/witch Marty Windahl will lead participants through a history of tarot, then lead a crafting session where we’ll design and create our own custom tarot cards. The evening will end with collaborative readings of each others cards, guided by Marty.

Workshops: Past Life Regression and 3D Modeling Workshop
Saturday, February 21st // 1 to 4pm, Tuesday, February 24th // 7 to 10pm, and Thursday, February 26th // 7 to 10pm
Our final workshop on the horizon is one we’ve been planning for a while. Presenting… Past Life Regression and 3D Modeling. Ever wonder who you were in your previous existence, and more importantly where you were living? Well wonder no longer. Machine Project resident psychic-duo Krystal Krunch will guide participants through a past life regression session, focusing on the architectural details of their previous dwelling. In the next two workshop sessions, multimedia artist and Machine Project idol Chris Weisbart will teach participants how to three dimensionally model these dwellings in SketchUp modeling software. Uncover the past, step into the future, don’t miss out!

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