Tuesday, February 17, 2015
Machine This Week: February 17th to February 22nd

Workshop: Tarot Deck Making and Reading
Thursday, February 19, 7–10pm

Theurgists, occultists, and psychic dabblers come down to Machine Project this Thursday for an evening of witchery with Marty Windahl and Amy Von Harrington. Learn the history of Tarot and the underlying principles of Tarot deck construction, then we’ll craft and customize your own Tarot cards. Next master-reader Marty will facilitate individual and group readings, teaching participants to hone their intuition and read like a pro. There will be snacks, and beverages. Feel free to bring materials of personal significance to customize your cards.

Event: Dear God, Why? – The Catholic Dead on Display
Friday, February 20, 8pm

Lent begins tomorrow, and in conjunction we’re hosting Elizabeth Harper for a virtual walking-tour of spaces devoted to death. Rented corpses, used hangman’s ropes, skull garlands, berzerk Neoclassical Purgatorial Societies… Come explore the “liminal spaces between here and the afterlife, between flesh and bone; where the impermanence and embarrassment of the human body and it’s functions only underscores the permanence and dignity of the soul.” There will be refreshments! This event is free, but spots are filling quickly. Email machine@machineproject.com to RSVP.

Workshop: Past Life Regression and 3D Modeling Workshop
Saturday, February 21, 1–4pm
Tuesday, February 24, 7–10pm
Thursday, February 26, 7–10pm

To cap off our week of witchery and liturgy, Machine Project’s resident psychics Krystal Krunch are coming Saturday for the first of our three session Past Life Regression and 3D Modeling Workshop. Psychics Asher Hartman and Haruko Tanaka will lead participants through individual past life regressions, exploring the architecture of your previous existence. Hovels, hell holes, castles, or subterranean troglodyte shelters – all are fair game in the psychic field of the past. Next week 3D modeling wizard Chris Weisbart will lead participants through two sessions learning to use basic 3D modeling software, as we recreate the architecture of our past lives in the digital realm. It is sure to be enlightening and informative – don’t miss out!

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