Friday, September 25, 2015
Machine This Week: Greetings from Saratoga Springs!

This week we’re excited to announce three long-term projects that we’ve been hard at work on over the past few months. Presenting…

Project: Machine Project: Platinum Collection – Live By Special Request
September 19th – January 3rd

Like a time-travelling clone experiment gone awry, Machine Project director Mark Allen has transported back to his alma matter Skidmore College, for Machine’s very first not-a-retrospective at the Tang Museum. Along for the journey are some of our favorite artists including Cliff Hengst, Dawn Kasper, Krystal Krunch and many more, equipped with the know-how, enterprise, moxie, and grit, to present Machine Project in full force to the dear community of Saratoga Springs. In store are a stand-off between an op-art painting and a Borsch-Belt comedian, musical spring water taste-tests, Machine Project staff camping with local Boyscouts, poetry in elevators, a new owl costume, and more. If you’re in the area be sure to check it out!

Project: Perfect Strangers: Machine Project and the Hamiltonians
September 9th to November 15th

Speaking of upstate New York, Machine Project is excited to announce our very first collaboration with an entire town – the lovely and reputable Hamilton, NY. This fall we’re giving them the full Machine Project treatment – psychic interventions, foliage analysis, sonic massage, a protest-song assembly line, and much more – brought to you by some of our favorite friends and artists. Come escape the big city and pay us a visit.

October 2nd to TBD

Last but not least, Machine Project is delighted to present our latest storefront transformation opening Friday, October 2nd, with the esteemed Patrick Michael Ballard. After passing through a black fur lined waiting room lit by enigmatic iconography, visitors in groups of up to 6 people enter an installation that is not quite living room, and not quite children’s TV show set. While attempting to solve a way out of the off-kilter fantasy space, the audience interacts with an extensive rotating cast and motley crew of scene teens, vampiric furniture, and a simple minded, suspicious, but potentially helpful neighbor. Will our intrepid explorers succeed in returning Forever House to its former glory? Or will they wither and flatten in the sands of time… Tickets are now on sale for individuals and group shows here.

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