Wednesday, March 4, 2015
Off-Road Expo Wish List

There is a $15 car fee at the Expo location. Carpooling is highly encouraged! Email machine@machineproject.com if you have space in your car you’d like to make available to fellow expo-goers.

Drone w/ Camera
XX gallons gasoline (transport safely!)
1 car-battery or solar-powered tire inflator
one pair of walkie-talkies
propane turkey fire or way to slowly heat a large stock pot
propane stove

roll of kitchen twine
2 folding tables
1 hammock
1 whistle on a lanyard
protective goggles
2 rolls Gaffers Tape, any color
Cowboy Boots Size 10.5 (for borrow)
Emergency Flares (any duration)
6 Oil Lanterns
Exciting game show prizes (donation of your time, artwork, anything)
D Batteries
Rolling Pins
18” x 18” or Larger Pan for soaking lotus leaves
(10) 5 gallon Buckets (white)
Sturdy Contractor Bags
Lots of Sawdust
Lots of Toilet Paper
20+ yards Opaque Fabric (if you have fabric could you send us a picture at machine@machineproject.com???)
Heavy Duty Stakes
2 RotopaX RX-2G Gasoline Pack – 2 Gallon Capacity (with gasoline)
Large canvas tarp
Canopy Brackets
ceramic clay – 5-10 bags (25 lbs. bags) to be used to encase food (ask your local clay dealer what they recommend, B-Mix from Xiem Clay in Altadena works, most ceramic clays are fine for this purpose)
metal tongs
4-10 pairs scissors
one roll of heavy duty aluminum foil, foodservice like from Smart and Final
one roll of heavy duty plastic wrap, foodservice like from Smart and Final
take-out salsa containers (empty, with lids)
M.R.E. Meals, Ready to Eat
several bags Ice, 7lb bag
lotus leaf (dried) can be bought at chinese grocery stores like Ranch 99
sticky rice (also called sweet rice), 10 lb. bag
sesame oil
rice vinegar
green onions
dried shallots
dried shrimp (chinese medium small kind)
wax worms
specialty larvae (silkworm, sago worms)
ant eggs
1 qt sour cream or mexican crema
a bag avocados, haas
4 dozen eggs, Grade A
2 cans refried beans in a can, 32 oz or larger
3 dozen burrito size tortillas (wheat)

5 handfuls of salsa packets from a Fast Food Taco establishment

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