In Collaboration with Colgate Museum and the town of Hamilton, NY
Perfect Strangers: Machine Project and the Hamiltonians
Date & Time
September 9November 15
Hamilton, NY

Welcome to Perfect Strangers: Machine Project and the Hamiltonians, a collaboration between Machine Project, the Colgate Museum, and the town of Hamilton, NY.

From September 9th to November 15th, we’ll get to know this small town of Hamilton in the only way we know how – performances, psychic interventions, workshops, foliage analysis, lectures, and sonic massage – brought to you by some of our favorite friends and artists. This is our first collaboration with a whole town, and we are delighted to be here as the Christian A. Johnson Endeavor Foundation Artists in Residence.

September 9, 2015September 16, 2015
with Krystal Krunch
@ Zen Den and Colgate University
Watch your intuitive powers magically grow! Marvel as you instantly connect with human beings! Uncover the deepest mysteries of art! Krystal Krunch introduces you to You in a fun workshop-plus-gallery tour revealing the hidden energies of...
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September 9, 4:30pm
Artist Lecture: Krystal Krunch with Mark Allen
@ Golden Auditorium, Little Hall, Colgate University
September 11, 8pm
computing with the dead: transmissions with the inventor
with Brian Crabtree and Kelly Cain
@ Merrill House, Colgate University

Moonlit sounds conjuring spirits. Binary digits calling on John Vincent Atanasoff. Sun, earth and moon forming a right angle. Relaying messages of gratitude. Solving long lost equations of musical destinies.

September 17, 2015September 27, 2015
I’d Rather Listen to a Bad Song
with Adam Goldman
@ Colgate University and Hamilton Center for the Arts and Colgate Inn
Adam (Colgate ‘94) collaborates with members of the Colgate and Hamilton communities to convey their messages by translating them into Protest Songs — aiming to revive this lost art, or bury it forever! Utilizing a three-station...
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September 23, 4:30pm
Artist Lecture: Adam Goldman
@ Golden Auditorium, Little Hall, Colgate University
September 28 – October 3
Poetry, Wit and Wisdom: Taking the Pulse of Hamilton
with Cliff Hengst
@ Hamilton Center for the Arts

Identifying the poetics of everyday language and conversation, Cliff will gather phrases read and heard in our community, translating them into hand painted signs to be showcased in storefront windows. The signs will be given away to Hamiltonians at end of his residency.

November 6, 8pm
November 7, 8pm
spaces between us/the in-between spaces
with Hana Van Der Kolk
@ Colgate University Campus, location TBD

Collaborating with Colgate students, this project is dedicated to exposing and shifting institutional oppression at Colgate and beyond — a contribution to the ongoing dialogue about diversity and accountability through exploring ourselves and others, difference, diversity, and cooperation. Additional support: The Colgate Arts Council and The Dean of the College.

Residency: September 17th – September 27th

October 19 – October 23, 10am – 7pm
Notes for Hamilton
with Mercedes Teixido
@ Hamilton Public Library

Writing has become an act of drawing. Utilizing a custom polygraph machine modeled after that of Thomas Jefferson’s, Mercedes invites the public to read to her as she creates improvisational drawings and writings.

Residency: October 19th – 23rd

October 29, 6pm
Archive of Regional Ranking
with Chris Kallmyer
Performance in collaboration with Colgate Students
@ 100 Broad Street Residence Hall

Experimental music meets puritanical tidiness in a study of the regional raking practices of Hamilton’s residents.

Residency: October 23rd – November 1st

October 28, 4:30pm
Artist Lecture: Chris Kallmyer with Carmina Escobar
@ Golden Auditorium, Little Hall, Colgate University
October 28 – October 30
Imenso Massagem Sonora
with Carmina Escobar

Wednesday, October 28th – Friday, October 30th, ongoing @ Hamilton Center for the Arts
Thursday, October 29th, 3-5pm @ Center for Women’s Studies Lounge, Colgate University
Friday, October 30 at 5pm @ Zen Den

Immenso Massagem Sonora is an immersive performative installation that explores the voice, intimacy, personal space and bodily resonance, building a relationship of discovery between individuals that allow others to find their own unique resonant geographies

Residency: October 27th – November 1st

November 10 – November 14
Open Archive, Hamilton NY
with Kamau Patton

Open Archive is an invitation to the Hamilton and Colgate communities to share and display their history. The project is an examination of the recent past as recorded on obsolete and soon to be obsolete machines. Equipped with media players found through Nextdoor Hamilton and yard sales, Kamau will set up a screening room/workshop to view, scan and archive media artifacts – bring your films, files, slides, recordings and other treasures.

Residency: October 9th – October 14th

September 9 – November 13
Objects for Perfect Strangers
with Michael O’Malley
@ Clifford Gallery, Colgate University

Michael will create ten sculptures for ten residents of Hamilton, a process initiated by making a sculpture for his friend (and ours) Matt Malloy. Matt will introduce Michael to another friend, who will introduce Michael to another friend, etc. Michael did a similar project, Objects for Friends, in which he created special sculptures for people in his life, cited to their specific social, personal and architectural contexts.