Organized with Cabinet magazine
Episodes in the Life of Bounce
with Carlin Wing
Date & Time
November 8, 2015, 1pm–4pm
Human Resources

Sunday, November 8th Machine Project and Cabinet magazine are teaming up to present two new episodes in the life of bounce from artist (and former professional squash player) Carlin Wing – generously hosted by Human Resources in Sabrina Chou’s appropriately themed exhibition HR.

From 1pm to 4pm, join us at Human Resources for a Live Ball Orchestra! Artist Carlin Wing, assisted by Luke Fischbeck, will lead a workshop about the sonic and musical properties of bounce. Participants will use balls of all types to sound out the architectural space of Sabrina Chou’s exhibition at Human Resources. We will explore the aural characteristics of bouncing objects, test the range of acoustic relationships between ball and surface, and experiment with building tonal and rhythmic arrangements. Some bounce audio will be recorded. Balls will be provided but participants are also encouraged to BYOB.

Following the workshop at 5pm, we’ll head to the bleachers for Episodes in the Life of Bounce, an illustrated talk by Carlin about rubber as the foundational material of modern sport. All cultures play games with balls, but the rubber ball has a special history. In their time, the Aztec and the Maya built entire cosmologies around rubber bounce, while in recent centuries sport-crazed Europeans and North Americans have tirelessly experimented with rubber’s uncanny properties in pursuit of “true bounce.”

Carlin Wing is a New York–based artist, doctoral candidate in the Department of Media, Culture, and Communication at New York University, and former professional squash player. She is currently writing a dissertation titled “Bounce: The Material Certainty of Sporting Chance.”

These programs are part of Quarterly, an occasional series of events organized by Machine Project and Cabinet magazine, and curated by Sasha Archibald. The current issue of Cabinet is themed Sports. Look out for the Mystery Theater Sports Bar at Machine Project December 3rd-6th.

And be sure to check out HR at Human Resources – an exhibition of new work by Sabrina Chou consisting of backdrops, equipment, furnishings, and clothing. The exhibition proposes an ambiguity around these objects, and how they might oscillate between aesthetic proposition, functional use, and absurd adaptation. Assembled around us, the works outline open-ended sets, figurative utopias, and allegorized landscapes. Somewhere between the field, the court, the lawn, the desert, the discotheque, and the office, our unattributed bodies can find vaguely open seats and space to move.