Voice/Text-Sound/Improvisation Workshop
with Jaap Blonk
Date & Time
November 20, 2016, 1:00pm–4:00pm
Machine Project
$5 for members
$10 for non-members

Join us Sunday, November 20th from 1-4pm for Voice/Text-Sound/Improvisation Workshop with composer, performer, and poet Jaap Blonk.

From Jaap:

This is a workshop for vocalists and performers who want to explore the inner depths and outer reaches of voice, text, music and sound in an exploratory improvisational framework. We will work in a playful way, using games and improvisational structures. Sometimes we will use short sound poems from the history of that genre and work on interpretations of them.

Working collaboratively, participants will develop materials and strategies for pushing formal and conceptual boundaries to create improvisational compositions.

On the way, we will encounter and practice many extended vocal techniques.

Depending on participants’ interests and wishes, we can also go into notation possibilities and writing strategies.

Some vocal ability and the willingness to improvise and explore, are the only prerequisites.