Thursday, February 28, 2013

Dawn Kasper

My work addresses relentless obsessive fascinations with topics such as exposure, process, desire and meaning. I perform in a calculated yet spontaneous manner, using props to punctuate my actions. Combining slapstick comedy and monologue to emphasize my thoughts and questions about art and life.

I work systematically, serially, similar to chapters in a book, or a photographic series. Visual poems and or visual music, not necessarily to be experienced in any specific order, occurring continuously, and sometimes realized simultaneously.

The environments I perform in provide the forum, an open-­?air laboratory of thought, creating both a theatrical space while also doubling as a platform for living sculpture. I transform the space through the use of performance, personas, photographs, drawings, collages, sculpture, musical instruments and installation. Everything is in play and everything is in flux. I often ritualize my performance environment through the repetition of actions and words. The culmination of these actions finds my various characters physically building a sculpture that marks my study into being and process. Illustrating my findings and resulting in a sculptural installation environment, activated by performative action. Thus exposing the artistic process to the audience.

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