Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Machine Project Project Space for Projects


  • Machine Project is proud to announce the Machine Project Project Space for Projects! Visible from our front window, the MPPSfP is a smallish room constructed inside our already-smallish storefront space. We are inviting artists to do short residencies in the space that will be 2 hours to 2 weeks in length, and may include psychedelic ping pong, performance, song, and our first ever group show.

    June 9 – July 15: A selection of events curated by Amy Garofano

    Blurring the line between performance and exhibition, this series of events uses the Machine Project Project Space for Projects as a container for both actions and the effects of those actions. Each artist in this series will create an event that doubles as an opening. During the event the work will be in flux. The aftermath of the event will remain in the space to operate as a monument, remnant, diary entry, time capsule, or trace. In the days following the event, visitors can experience the aftermath from the storefront window as a kind of forensic tableau.

  • MPPSFP_Cammermeyer
    Thursday, July 17th, 8-10pm: Kristin Cammermeyer | After After and So On

    As a finale to this series, Kristin Cammermeyer will be working in the space July 11th – 15th to produce a sculptural collage that uses materials from each of the performances and initiates the physical collapse and deconstruction of the Machine Project Project Space itself. Abstracted video documentation of the performances will be layered with dislocated walls and materials collected from the events. The work will serve as an archive and compression of the past performances with the real-time condition of the site at which they transpired. Closing party July 17th, 8-10pm.


  • Thursday, July 10th, 8pm: co-edited/curated by Holly Myers & Mathew Timmons | Rabble

    Rabble is an imprint of Insert Blanc Press dedicated to the publication of innovative critical writing in pamphlet form. The evening will include readings, performances, and other occasions of rabble rousing by Myers, Timmons, Alexandra Grant, Doug Harvey, Tyler Stallings, and others.


  • Michael Carter (1)Thursday, July 3rd, 7-10pm: Michael Carter | The Stars Down to Earth

    Beloved of occultist, nationalists, conspiracy theorists, and celebrity watchers, The Stars Down to Earth will present a performative meditation on the history, interpretation and geometry of the humble, five-pointed star.


  • Dorothy Hoover (1)Thursday, June 26th, 8pm: Dorothy Hoover | Drive Time Music

    In this live performance, three brothers – criminals on the run from the law – enact violence on each other in a series of subverted slapstick actions.


  • Lindsay Preston Zappas
    Friday, June 20th, 8-10pm: Lindsay Preston Zappas | Fresh Hot Dogs

    Fresh Hot Dogs is a performance and installation by Lindsay Preston Zappas. After grabbing a freshly grilled hot dog, viewers will be invited to enter the installation – a brick flanked motif that will house a series of sculptures, live performers, a video projection, and a series of photographs and drawings.


  • Kenn Taylor
    Saturday, June 14, 10pm: Kenn Taylor | Sweat on Suede

    Sweat and sway with Dj Sharkey




    BYOB is ok too

    Sweat pants recommended

  • Monday, June 9th, 9pm: Drue Worrell | I like LA & LA likes Me

    Usually appearing as a trickster, a culture hero or both, Coyote also often appears in creation myths and etiological myths. Although often appearing in stories as male, Coyote can be female, hermaphrodite, or gender changing, in traditional Aboriginal stories.

  • Drue Worrell
  • Marcel

    Friday, May 23rd, 8-10pm: Marcel Alcalá | Crusin’ for a Brusin’

    An exhibition of paintings and drawings will coincide with a performative video shoot in collaboration with Young Anthem aka Bird Monet and Peter Luber.

  • Kate + Michelle
    Wednesday, May 14th, 8 -10pm: Kate Anderson & Michelle Plotkin | ENDless-startMOREMixed media installation – a portal constructed by aliens.
  • Ididntwriteitdown
    Sunday, May 11th, 8pm: Brittany Ko, Robert Medina, Patricio Morales, Lainey Racah, Leah Rom, and Lily Spitz | I didn’t write it down. An evening of un/synchronized dance.
  • Screen shot 2014-04-28 at 11.13.05 AM
    Wednesday, May 7th, 8-10pm: Devin Sinski and Jesse Hoffman | Girl to Girl

    A look into a public bedroom performance between two “best friends”.

  • etal
    Tuesday, April 29th, 7-10pm: et al.(étalage) and Lisa Jugert | The Many Hats of Pooh-Bah, or a few hours in the California Millinery Supply Co.

    Preview of a coming work. Ephemeral sculpture.

  • Sascha Katz + Sam Kahn
    Sunday, April 27th, 3-9:30pm: Sasha Bergstrom-Katz and Sam Kahn | Conversations

    Sasha Bergstrom-Katz and Sam Kahn showcase three original works from their ongoing mixed-media collaboration Conversations. In four ninety-minute sessions the artists will work with theater actors in a state of rehearsal and revision to stage autobiographical scenes they have written.

    3:00pm – 4:30pm “No Point in Fighting,” text by S. Bergstrom-Katz

    5:00pm – 6:30pm “Across Town,” text by S. Kahn

    7:00pm – 8:30pm “Avocado Shaker,” text by S. Bergstrom-Katz

  • Stephen
    Saturday, April 26th, 8-10pm: Stephen Kugelberg | Yuccalled?

    A musical sculpture comprised of familiar objects.

  • Jeremy
    Friday, April 25th, 8-10pm: Jeremy Dorrance | Authentic Veezo

    A brisk declaration to bland, contemporary space, the obsessive pop performer, and the strange in-between.

  • 1175059_10154033577880161_3815564976669776448_n
    Thursday, April 24th, 8-10pm: SculptureShow!Featuring work by Danny Bowman, Carmel Ni, Geoff Thais, and Estelle Srivijittakar
  • Lucas & Erica
    Saturday, April 19th, 8pm: Lucas Wrench & Erica Reiss | Feeling feelings with laughter and tears

    Join Lucas Wrench & Erica Reiss for an evening exploring induced emotional states through laughter yoga and assorted eye irritants.

  • Zahastra Morningstar
    Friday, April 18th, 8pm: Zahastra Morningstar | The Power of Self Expression

    Zahastra Morningstar will present two separate artists talks, drawing parallels between seemingly unrelated topics. A powerpoint accompanies the talk but does not explicitly supplement the lecture. Each talk runs ten minutes or less.

  • Gibran Mevlana
    Thursday, April 17th, 8-10pm: Gibran Mevlana | Happy Accidents / Treat Me Right / Element of Surprise
  • Wednesday, April 16th, 7-10pm: Emily Marchand | Gold Box and Selected Work

    An experiment about gaze and public body image transformed into an introspective look at an aging form.

  • March 14th-26th: Out of Sight, Out of Mind – a group show of Op Art, curated by Emily Joyce

    February 22nd-March 8th: Optical Illusion Ping Pong – an installation by Adrienne Adar

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