Thursday, October 21, 2010

Art Meets Beast // or music to eat bison to.

MCA Denver
November 11, 2010 // 7pm

We are traveling to Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver to participate in a three-day nose-to-tail whole bison roast, featuring music, lectures and performances. We will be presenting three projects as part of the culminating bison dinner on Thursday, Nov 11. Check out the event on the MCA Denver site.

  • Ghost Stampede

    Interrupting dinner periodically with a herd of ghost bison trampling through the museum. For six channel sound and bison stampede.

    BISON BISON is a band created from bison horns and bones: the band will play motets in homage to the bison. The bison is our largest land mammal, once our most plentiful migrator, and the main course for dinner.
  • Bison Masks

    Emily Lacy is creating bison masks for everyone! Because you are eating a bison nose-to-tail, consider hiding your shame from god by wearing a bison mask. Wolves being the bison’s only natural enemy, chefs will be dressed as wolves.
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