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The Machine Project Field Guide to L.A. Architecture

May 1st – August 15th, 2013
Los Angeles, CA

This summer, Machine has invited 30 artists to create 30 new projects that respond to 30 notable architectural sites around the city of Los Angeles. The events range in size and scope and include a tract home light show, a lecture on ninetheenth-century aquaria inside a $3 million Frank Gehry-designed aquarium, a cave concert, an experimental theater piece performed in the only Schindler spec home ever built, a movement piece for pregnant performers in a domed church, collaborative walking tours, a theatrical performance of The Odyssey set in a Honda Odyssey circling the freeways, and a Miracle Mile memorial Starline bus tour guided by the spirit of Whitney Houston.

Field Guide will culminate with a final screening of short films made in conjunction with each project.

Keep an eye on this page as events will be added as they are confirmed.


The Machine Project Field Guide to L.A. Architecture was part of Pacific Standard Time Presents: Modern Architecture in L.A. This collaboration, initiated by the Getty, brought together several local arts institutions from April – September 2013 for a wide-ranging look at the postwar built environment of the city as a whole, from its famous residential architecture to its vast freeway network, revealing the city’s development and ongoing impact in new ways. http://www.pacificstandardtimepresents.org/

Major support for The Machine Project Field Guide to L.A. Architecture was provided by the Getty Foundation.



  • Emily Mast & Hana van der KolkSix Twelve One By One

    Saturday, March 16th 2013 // 6:30pm

    at ‘The Onion’ UU Church // 9550 Haskell Ave, North Hills, CA 91343


    Emily Mast and Hana van der Kolk present Six Twelve One By One, a performance of six soon-to-be-first-time moms that examines the pregnant body through a series of task-like actions, movements, and dances. The performance is staged in the round at The Onion, a womb-like wooden dome that has been the home of the Sepulveda Unitarian Universalist Society since 1961.

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    Click Here for more information on this project.

  • Anna Petrisko – Jeepneys’ Bowling With Aliens

    Saturday, May 11th 2013 // 8-10pm

    at All Star Lanes Bowling Center // 4459 Eagle Rock Blvd., Los Angeles CA 90041


    Jeepneys and alien friends host a celestial bowling party, followed by a parking lot performance of interstellar sounds and movements in The Popwagon, a mobile venue transformed into a vibrant tropical spaceship just for the occasion.

    Click here for more information on this project.

  • Carmina EscobarMassagem Sonora

    Sunday, May 12th 2013 // 4-6pm

    at The Korean Bell of Friendship, Angel’s Gate Park // 3601 Gaffey St, San Pedro, CA 90731


    An experiment on intimacy, personal space and bodily resonance by Carmina Escobar. Massagem Sonora establishes a relationship of discovery between individuals, usually strangers, that allow themselves to be improvised onto their bodies via the voice to discover their own unique resonant geographies. Also makes for a great Mother’s day gift.
    Click Here for more information on this project.

  • Sara RobertsClump and Whistle

    Sunday, May 19th 2013 // 1pm

    at Glendale Civic Center Plaza // Broadway and Glendale Ave, Glendale, CA.

    Civic Center parking on Wilson Ave.


    Clump and Whistle: an emergent performance for up to 100 participants based on principles extrapolated from Elias Canetti’s book Crowds and Power.

    The public is invited to join with Machine Project and artist Sara Roberts for two participatory performances. Clump is an experiment in group/crowd behavior, based on a simple rule set but without fixed outcome or direction. In Whistle the crowd, equipped with multi-pitched whistles, configures to play compositions based on what the person next to you has just done, making propagating sound waves.

    Click Here for more information on this project.

  • Kamau PattonThe Sky Above

    Sunday, May 26th 2013 // 6-7pm

    at Machine Project


    Kamau Patton will engage with a series of buildings in L.A. via a chartered helicopter, while performing a sound work composed for the flight. Accompanied by a cameraman and sound engineer, the entire flight will be streamed live to Machine Project’s storefront space and the web.

    Click Here for more information on this project.

  • Anne HarsArchitectural Drafting for Hackers, Makers and Visionary Dilettantes

    May 21, 22, 28, 29 and June 4, 5th 2013 // 7-10pm

    A 3-week architectural drafting class taught by Anne Hars at Machine Project, with assignments ranging from the practical to the fantastical.

    Click Here for more information about this project and to buy tickets.

  • Ken EhrlichWalking Places: Four Walks in Los Angeles

    Sundays, June 9 – June 30th 2013


    A series of playful, absurd, critical and activity-based Sunday-afternoon walks that will reveal Los Angeles as a space of ghosts, projections, limits and possibilities.

    Click Here for more information on this project.

  • Asher HartmanGlass Bang

    June 7, 8, 15th 2013

    Asher Hartman’s new experimental musical play, in which a man becomes so alienated from himself that he is split in two beings, gradually becoming a deity. Performed in an historic home in Laurel Canyon designed by R.M. Schindler.

    Click Here for more information about this project and to buy tickets.

  • David Eng – The Dawning of the Age of Aquariums

    Saturday, June 8th 2013 // 2:30-5pm

    at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium // 3720 Stephen M. White Drive, San Pedro, CA 90731

    David Eng will lead the group on a guided tide pool visit, accompanied by a live string and wind ensemble. The event concludes in the Cabrillo Marine Aquarium’s auditorium with a brief lecture on the origin story of 19th-century aquaria, after which visitors are free to explore the rest of the Frank Ghery-designed aquarium.

    Click Here for more information about this project.

  • THE SUNLAND DANCERS and Tara Jane ONeil – Welcome

    Saturday, June 15th 2013 // 6:45pm


    Welcome is a ritual dance music blessing that will be performed on a hilltop with the dusty brown backdrop of downtown Los Angeles.

    Click Here for more information about this project.

  • Cliff HengstIt’s Not Right, But It’s OK

    Saturday, June 29th 2013

    Outside the Beverly Hilton 9876 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

    A Starline bus tour of The Miracle Mile guided by the soul of Whitney Houston.

    Click Here for more information about this project and to buy tickets.

  • Furniture Music – A Concert for Household Objects

    Saturday, July 6th


    An evening of noisy new music exploring the sonic potential of household objects, with pieces for vacuum and drums, smoke detectors and a bowed milk carton, performed in a remodeled 1914 beach bungalow in Venice. Participating artists include Todd Lerew, Liam Mooney, and James Klopfleisch.

    Click Here for more information about this project and to RSVP.

  • Jibade-Khalil Huffman – Lake Overturn

    Sunday, July 7th 2013

    at The Santa Monica Screening Room // 1526 Fourteenth Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404

    Join us for Khalil Huffman’s latest production, a live performance starring a location scout (Claire Titelman) who’s emotional collapse is told through the only language she has left – the imagery of formulaic blockbuster Hollywood disaster films. Source material includes Independence Day, 2012, The Day After Tomorrow, and The Amityville Horror.

    Click Here for more information about this project and to purchase tickets.

  • Johanna KozmaOdyssey Odyssey

    Nightly, July 10th through July 24th 2013

    Homer’s Odyssey performed inside a Honda Odyssey minivan circling the freeways of L.A.

    Click Here for more information about this project.

  • Paul Fraser – Symphony for 100 Stylophones

    Saturday, July 14th at 1pm

    A new, participatory composition for 100 stylophone players and one public plaza.

    Click here for more information about this project.

  • Jacqueline GordonEveryone Will Be Here Now But Me

    Thursday, July 18th from 8pm – 11pm

    An exploratory 4 part sound installation that takes place after hours inside the offices of the Los Angeles Food Center at 1400 East Olympic Blvd. Each element of the piece involves different levels of listening between the body, mind and architecture. Throughout the installation there will be an opportunity to listen and record audio with binaural microphones monitored through sculptural ears.

    Click here for more information about this project.

  • ing – Wash

    Sunday, July 21st from 3 – 6pm

    “Wash” is a piece written to mimic, amplify, and interact with the unique spaces of the Maranatha High School pool. Performed by ing with the use of live electronics and manipulations of light and sounds from the pool itself, the piece is intended as an interactive meditation in which audience members are encouraged to wander alone through the piece. Bring your bathing suit, the pool will be open throughout.

    Click here for more information about this project.

  • Dawn Kasper – Lost Horizon

    Wednesday July 24th – Thursday, July 25th 2013

    at the Hotel Shangri-la // 1301 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90401


    A series of twenty-four consecutive one-hour performances for one audience member at a time. No two performances will be alike, and all will take place in a hotel room overlooking the ocean in the historic Hotel Shangri-la.

    Click here for more information about this project.

  • Embroidering Neutra VDL Workshop with Jenny Hart

    Sunday July 28th from 12pm – 3pm

    at the Neutra VDL House // 2300 Silver Lake Boulevard
    Los Angeles, CA 90039

    $75 for Machine Project Members // $85 for General Public

    Artist and embroidery designer Jenny Hart will lead an embroidery workshop held in the living room of Neutra’s landmark VDL house. Participants will learn the basics of embroidery and enjoy the rare opportunity to engage in a domestic activity in one of Los Angeles’ most architecturally significant homes.

    Click here for more information about this project.

  • Bennett Williamsonwww.sunsetfootclinicsign.com

    Jessica CowleyThe HaFoSaFo Chorus

    Sunday, August 18th 2013

    7pm – 8pm


    Two projects based on the legend of the Sunset Boulevard’s Happy Foot/Sad Foot Sign’s ability to predict your good or bad day. A street-side chorus conducted by the sign’s rotation, and website with a faithful 3-D rendering for remote fate prediction.

    Click Here for more information about this project.

  • eichler_crop

    Nate Page – California Living, Eichler’s Balboa Highlands Tract

    Thursday, September 19th 2013

    8pm – 11pm

    At the Balboa Highlands Eichler Tract, Granada Hills, CA 91344


    A one night, outdoor, multi-channel video installation in the San Fernando Valley, in which video images of the rear exteriors of several of Joseph Eichler’s Balboa Highlands tract homes are projected back onto their front facades.

    Click here for more information about this project.

  • Poster Series

    A series of ten commissioned posters directly advertising notable architectural sites in Los Angeles. Editions available for purchase and priced to move! For info email machine@machineproject.com. Click Here to see them all!

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