Tuesday, April 22, 2008
GLOW Festival @ the Santa Monica Pier

Saturday July 19th, 2008 – Sunday July 20th, 2008

7pm – 7am

GLOW is a dusk-to-dawn arts festival taking place in Santa Monica (primarily in the beach front areas) that starts on the evening of July 19th and ends at dawn the next morning. An overview of the entire festival can be found at http://www.glowsantamonica.org.

Machine Project will be presenting the following pieces:

Daniel Corral has composed three melodies to be performed by a live orchestra from the baskets of the Santa Monica Pier’s Ferris Wheel. Join us at dusk, midnight, and dawn for the complete score as night turns into day.

Poets Joshua Beckman, Noelle Kocot, and Anthony McCann will be out to sea on our Poetry Boat from dusk til dawn, reading poems to you long distance and one-on-one via rotary dial cellphone and binoculars.

Artists Kamau Patton and Suzy Poling are bringing a live musical video projection performance that will be presented from inside a greenhouse on the beach using tape loops, theremins and improvised sound devices.

Centered around a large artificial bonfire installation on the south side of the pier, the public is invited to listen/nap/moonbathe on beach blankets while a rotating crew of over 30 musicians perform traditional sea shanties and their own maritime ballads of love, loss, and longing throughout the night.

* 8pm – sirens and sailors
* 8:30pm – Ryan Fuller
* 9:00pm – Annie O’Malley, Colin Blodorn, and Josh Forbes
* 9:30pm – Paul Lacques / Victoria Jacobs
* 10:00pm – Eric Lindley
* 10:30pm – Steve Moramarco
* 11:00pm – Laura Steenberge
* 11:30pm – Gabe Hart
* Midnight – Emily Lacy
* 12:30am – Heather Lockie/Lyman Chaffee
* 1:00am – Daniel Brummel
* 1:30am – Scott Barber
* 2:00am – Patria Jacobs
* 2:30am – Vanessa Micale
* 3:00am – Mooey Moobau
* 3:30am – Lewis Keller / Cat Lamb
* 4:00am – ing
* 4:30am – Adrien Tenney
* 5:00am – Marianne Williams
* 5:30am – Devin McNulty

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