Friday, July 23, 2010
Composers // Little William Theater Festival of New Music


The festival offers a landscape view of experimental music in 2010 with 94 composers from USA, Canada, Argentina, England, Germany, Holland, and Slovakia. Included are Guggenheim Fellows, Ivy League Professors, young experimentalists, and pillars of the creative community in Los Angeles, New York, and Berlin.

Participating Composers:
Ablinger, Peter – Berlin, Germany
Anderson, Casey – Los Angeles, CA
Applebaum, Mark – Menlo Park, CA
Azaretto, Roberto – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Barrett, Douglas – Eugene, OR
Bellerue, Bob – Brooklyn, NY
Bischoff, John – Berkeley, CA
Block, Olivia – Chicago, IL
Brown, Greg – Montague, MA
Bucksbarg, Andrew – Bloomington, IN
Cazan, Scott – Los Angeles, CA
Chen, Carolyn – La Jolla, CA
Chen, Justine F – New York, NY
Clark, Eric KM – Los Angeles, CA
Coons, Lisa R – New York, NY
Corral, Daniel – Los Angeles, CA
Cowal, Rory – Los Angeles, CA
Davis, Greg – Burlington, VT
DeLuca, Erik – Charlottesville, VA
Deragon, Michael – Los Angeles, CA
Detrick, Douglas – Eugene, OR
Deyoe, Nicholas – La Jolla, CA
Didkovsky, Nick – New York, NY
Fefferman, Lainie – New York, NY
Fink, Michael Jon – Los Angeles, CA
Fong, Adam – San Francisco, CA
Golia, Vinny – Los Angeles, CA
Gottfried, Rama – Berkeley, CA
Gresham-Lancaster, Scot – Oakland, CA
Griffeath-Loeb, Brian – La Jolla, CA
Gurke, Charles – Oakland, CA
Harris, Yolande – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Hastings, John – Los Angeles/Brooklyn
Hayward, Robin – Berlin, Germany
Helgeson, Aaron – Oberlin, OH
Hiendl, Martin – La Jolla, CA
Holt, Danny – Los Angeles, CA
Holter, Julia – Los Angeles, CA
Hough, Matthew – New York, NY
Iddon, Martin – Leeds, United Kingdom
Ignacio, Lem Jay – Los Angeles, CA
Johnston, Ben – Madison, WI
Kallmyer, Chris – Los Angeles, CA
Kant, David – Brooklyn, NY
Kasprzyk, Cory – Bowling Green, OH
Klopfleisch, James – Los Angeles, CA
koch, hans w. – Cologne, Germany
Kozik, Lona – Devon, United Kingdom
Krebs, Annette – Berlin, Germany
Krieger, Ulrich – The Desert, CA
Kudirka, Joseph – London, United Kingdom
Lamb, Cat – Los Angeles, CA
Lebaron, Anne – Los Angeles, CA
Lowenstein, Marc – Los Angeles, CA
Lyle, Jenna Marie – Cleveland, OH
Matej, Daniel – Bratislava, Slovakia
McIntosh, Andrew – Los Angeles, CA
McWhorter, Brian – Eugene, OR
Menzies, Mark – Los Angeles, CA
Narveson, Jascha – New York, NY
Orsher, James – Santa Barbara, CA
Overton, Adam – Los Angeles, CA
Pinkmountain, Scott – Oakland, CA
Pluta, Sam – New York, NY
Polansky, Larry – Hanover, NH
Pontvianne, Julien – Paris, France
Porter, Chris – Los Angeles, CA
Rowan, Andrew – Eugene, OR
Sabat, Marc – Berlin, Germany
Sargent, Matt – Hartford, CT
Schankler, Isaac – Los Angeles, CA
Schultz, Gerhard – Berlin, Germany
Sherman, Brandon – Los Angeles/New York
Smith, Linda Caitlin – Toronto, Canada
So, Mark – Los Angeles, CA
Soper, Kate – New York, NY
Steen, Ken – Glastonbury, CT
Steenberge, Laura – Los Angeles, CA
Sudol, Jacob – La Jolla, CA
Tanaka, Ryan – Los Angeles, CA
Tholl, Andrew – Los Angeles, CA
Tinkle, Adam -La Jolla, CA
Trayle, Mark – Ventura, CA
Trevino, Jeffrey – La Jolla, CA
Ulman, Erik – San Francisco, CA
von Schweinitz, Wolfgang – Gorman, CA
Vowinckel, Antje – Berlin, Germany
Wambsgans, Colin -Los Angeles, CA
Wadle, Douglas – Los Angeles, CA
Walsh, Brian – Los Angeles, CA
White, Liza – Berkeley, CA
Wolff, Christian – Hanover, NH
Woodford, Colin – Los Angeles, CA
Wooley, Nate – New Jersey City, NJ

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