Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Machine Publications

  • dvd2012-front_86f91515-d062-4fa3-b3db-c2764e9fce1f_1024x1024 Thirteen films produced by Machine Project with appearances by (but not limited to): pizza, babies, psychics, trapdoors, an opera for dogs, plants on vacation, Cliff Hengst, an igloo, a Marlene Dietrich tableau vivant, music for parking garages, amplified tea kettles, three distributes big-box store employees, some interesting new directions in drag make up, and simultaneous aerobics and butter making. Buy the DVD here.
  • A publication about our year-long residency at the Hammer Museum. Buy the book here. Direct download here. More information here.
  • A book about our first gallery-wide, immersive installation: The Forest. Pdf download available here.
  • A book which details the activities which occurred during our week-long FungiFest in 2010. Pdf download available here.

  • The catalog documenting Machine Project’s momentous occupation of the Los Angeles Museum of Art. Pdf download available here. Sleek physical copy available for $20.

  • An all encompassing archive of every event hosted by Machine Project located in Los Angeles, CA. from 2003 to 2008. Purchase a physical copy here. Download a free immaterial pdf version here.

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