Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Thank you to all the Alvarado Caverns & Mystery Theater volunteers!

We could not have made the Alvarado Caverns and Mystery Theater a reality without the help of many, many people. Below is a list of all of the artists, designers, volunteers and staff members involved. Thank you!

Chris Weisbart – Lead Artist/Designer
Joe Seely – Theater Designer/Fabricator
Drew Burritosaurus – Installation Foreman
Andy Daley – Theater Fabricaton
Sarah Krausse – Construction Volunteer Coordinator
Josh Beckman – Cave Designer/Fabricator
James Pearce – Bathroom Designer/Fabricator
Chris Pearce – Bathroom Designer/Fabricator
Cindy Chao – Bodega/Bathroom Art Direction
Michele Yu – Bodega/Bathroom Art Direction
DanRae Wilson & Caitlin Lainoff – Bodega Artists
Matt Ortega – Graphic Design/Printmaking
Caroline Kim – Theater Fabrication/Painting
Carol Guidry – Theater Fabrication/Painting
Sierra Persi – Lead Volunteer/Fabric Artist
Bill Ballou – Lighting Design
Wes Oakley – Audiovisual Consultant/Cave Sound Design
Joel Fox – Video Artist
John Cason – Hologram Video Artist
Don Hunt – Holodome Fabricator
Kyle Olson – Sound Design, Bathroom

Jason Betrue
Russell Jones
Sunil Rampersad
Sara Seidman
Rosa Mazon
Adriana Yugovich
Liam Mooney
Jerome Brown
Holly Vesecky
Amy Mackay
Greg Snyder
Mary Fagot
Jesus De Francisco
Nga Luu
Anna Ialeggio
Pete Metzger
Kate Parsons
Refik Anadol
Ron Eigen
J. Fuchs
Noah Smith
Miriam Langer
Mariano Ulibarri
Eli Gonzalez

Renee Reizman – Acting Volunteer Coordinator
Drew Burritosaurus
John Paszkiewicz
Ian McKenzie
Brandie June
Summer Petersen
Adriana Yugovich
Jennifer Sacks
Joanna Farah
Emily Zeamer
Bethany Poehls
Barbara Bogaev
Roz Helfrand
David Bock
Frank Tartaglia
Elizabeth Preger
Russell Jones
Caroline Kim
Anna Ialeggio
Rion Suarez
Rosi Mazon
Brita Loeb
Alex Smith
Melissa Marzigliano

Mark Allen – Executive Director
Elizabeth Cline – Assistant Director
Jessica Cowley – Programs Manager
Emily Lacy – A/V Manager
Deena Selenow – Theater Manager
Renee Reizman – Intern
Sarah Krausse – Intern
Alex Smith – Intern
Brita Loeb – Intern
Melissa Marzigliano – Intern

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