Friday, December 10, 2010

Niche Memberships

All new membership levels, something for everyone!

  • 1590857-bigthumbnail

    The Correspondent

    You love reading our email, but that’s about the most commitment you have time for right now. We will email you a drawing of our fancy membership patch.

    Membership Donation: $7.99 / year

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  • sweetness-of-devotion-sharon-mau

    Devotional Membership

    Machine Project staff will take a few minutes each month to think about you, or a person of your choice.

    Membership Donation: $15 / month

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  • dog-head-with-money_medium

    The Down Payment

    You aren’t really sure what we are or quite what we do…yet. Give us a $10 down payment on a membership now and once you’ve decided we’ve accomplished a full membership worth of programming you will give us the other $90. We will mail you a postcard of a drawing of a membership patch.

    Membership Donation: $10 now, $90 when you are fully satisfied

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  • Screen shot 2014-02-23 at 5.13.45 PM

    Ping Pong Enthusiast

    You love ping-pong. If you join as an enthusiast, you start each game played at Machine at a 2 point advantage.

    Membership Donation: $50 / year

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  • markallenwizard3

    I’m Just Here for Embroidery Patterns

    You can’t get enough embroidery and are just joining to get embroidery patterns of Machine‚Äôs Executive Director Mark Allen’s drawings by Sublime Stitching.

    Membership Donation: $75 / year

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  • facebook friends 150

    I’m not totally sure who you people are but since you took the trouble to ask me on Facebook here is $50.

    You respond positively to solicitations on social media.

    Membership Donation: $50 / year

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  • some deer

    I Don’t Live Anywhere Near Machine Project

    If we go to your city we’ll try to do something at your house!

    Membership Donation: $100 / year (approx. 3 tanks of gas + some chips)

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  • empty chair

    Purposeful Absentee

    You promise not to come to the space for an entire year.

    Membership Donation: $36.50 / year

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  • A Horse

    The Horse

    You’re a horse who loves Machine Project. Thanks, horse!

    Membership Donation: $4,000 (Lifetime Member)

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    We reserve the right to confirm you are actually a horse, though for $4000 we might decide it doesn’t matter. In that case, your membership will be valid for the lifetime of one horse of your choosing.

  • SQRLCMY_2014_Small

    Mr. Frog Membership

    You’re obsessed with Mr. Frog and are just joining to get a drawing of Mr. Frog by Machine’s Executive Director Mark Allen. (Actual frog drawing may vary.)

    Membership Donation: $125 / year

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  • surf's up

    Westsiders’ Special

    For people from the westside.

    Membership Donation: $4.05 / month

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  • paul outlaw 150


    You are Paul Outlaw.

    Membership Donation: $100 / year


  • The Envious of Michael Kontopoulos Membership

    Hey! Why does Michael Kontopoulos have his own membership!?

    Get the same privileges as the Michael Kontopoulos Membership listed below for $1 less than Michael Kontopoulos!

    Membership Donation: $99 / 1 year

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  • Michael Kontopoulos Membership

    You can only sign up for this if you are Michael Kontopoulos!

    Michael gets normal member stuff as well as borrowing privileges for up to 10 soldering irons or battery-powered amps simultaneously.

    Membership Donation: $100 / 1 year

    (If you, too, would like your very own personalized membership level, please email machine@machineproject.com to request one. Personalized memberships begin at $100/year.)

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  • Sorry, sold out!

    Mallet-of-the-Month Membership

    For people who just love mallets. We will mail you one mallet per month for a year, they will all be the same kind of mallet, and on one random month we will send you two for a baker’s dozen.

    Membership Donation: $25 / month

  • tote

    Tote-Bag-of-the-Month Membership

    For people who love carrying things. We will mail you a bag a month for a year. Paper, plastic, cotton… always a surprise!

    Membership Donation: $50 / month

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  • Sorry, sold out!

    Your Name Here

    The “Your Name Here” Membership

    Have your name appear upon our storefront signboard 4 random days out of the year! You will receive notification along with a photo of your membership proudly being displayed along a busy thoroughfare in Echo Park. Only $3 a letter, with complimentary spaces and punctuation.

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