Sexy Midi
with Neon Kingdom and Crucial Crystal
Date & Time
November 15
Machine Project

Sexy Midi is mobile musical metal performance video site specific karaoke adventure.

One day a wizard was shredding on a flying v guitar, I mean it was some heavy stuff, like a steal plated roller derby, and whence he was finger tapping the neck, secret crystals fell from the sky and when they hit the ground digital beats were released into the dark night air. There were video images, karaoke stylings, and rock performances. He knighted thee Sexy Midi.

All the fantasy landscapes and soundscapes escape from your head and create a world where they all live together, magic, tragic, fantastic collage and classic themes of revenge and triumph and greed, lured by desire and riches and glory, thwarted by daggers and ice and dragons, it was called Crucial Crystal.