This is how we’re trying to understand the world, and we think if we keep doing this long enough it’s all going to make sense one day.

Machine Project Guide to Curating and Planning Events

This tool kit covers the basic ideas, philosophies, and techniques for event-based programming. It's for anyone interested in producing events as a form of cultural programming. It's for anyone who wants to make something exciting happen with other people but isn't sure where to start.

Machine Project Guide to Workshops

This tool kit covers the basic ideas, philosophies, and techniques for workshop-based programming.

Machine Project Guide to Starting Your Own Art Space

This tool kit is for anyone who is considering starting an arts or cultural organization. We will guide you through the ins and outs of conceptualizing, setting up, and running your organization.

Machine Project: The Platinum Collection (Live By Special Request)
Machine Project: The Platinum Collection (Live By Special Request) is the holy matrimony of all things Machine. Every hole in the floor, every event, every future email based on a computer generated mechanism, is forever encapsulated so beautifully in this book.
Published by the Tang Museum, designed in collaboration with our friend Kimberly Varella from Content Object, the book features an extensive selection of images of past projects, a complete visual record of Machine Project’s artist-designed print archive of over 200+ event posters, and documentation of new performance projects from the recent retrospective exhibition at the Tang by Joshua Beckman, Carmina Escobar, Asher Hartman, Chris Kallmyer, Dawn Kasper, Krystal Krunch, Kamau Patton, Haruko Tanaka and Hana van der Kolk, among others.
Machine Project Intern Interviews – Maura Brewer, Lex Brown, Paul Pescador

Interviews with artists Maura Brewer, Lex Brown, and Paul Pescador, by Machine Project intern Gemma Godfrey.

The Butter Broadside

The Butter Press

Machine Project Almanac

An all encompassing archive of every event hosted by Machine Project located in Los Angeles, CA. from 2003 to 2008.


A book which details the activities which occurred during our week-long FungiFest in 2010.


A book about our first gallery-wide, immersive installation: The Forest.

Machine Project Public Engagement Artist in Residence — Hammer Museum

A publication about our year-long residency at the Hammer Museum.

Machine Project: A Field Guide to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art

The catalog documenting Machine Project’s momentous occupation of the Los Angeles Museum of Art.