Everybody Loves Difficult Music: Episode Nine
Lucky Mosko
Date & Time
May 6
Machine Project

Lucky Mosko was a man of many enthusiasms: The Compte de Lautremont, the Carter Family, the Iditarod, Harry Smith, frogs, the I Ching, Nico, Iron Chef, Madame Blavatsky, bull riding, Woodie Guthrie, Sirius, the dog star, the meter of Old Norse poetry, Julia Child, Alfred Jarry, Marvin Minsky, Plus/Minus#7, Heinrich Schenker, things Icelandic, things psychedelic, dogons, Morton Feldman, sauces, mushrooms, handwritten notation.

From these disparate inspirations comes a music that is very much like the man: fiendishly challenging and intentionally disorienting, yet playful, inventive and strikingly beautiful. This event will be a gathering to hear a few pieces of Lucky’s music and fondly remember some of the things he got us all fired up about.

Art Jarvinen will speak about how Lucky thought about composing, what he was interested in doing to the listener and why his music is so peculiar, yet eminently rational.
Sara Roberts will speak about her experiences teaching with Lucky.
Dorothy Stone will speak about Lucky’s relationship to the number 3.
Christine Tavolacci will perform the flute solo from Indigenous Music II.
Orin Hildestad will perform Bow-Vine Song for solo violin.
Stuart Fox and Dorothy Stone will perform Rupuze for flute and guitar.