Still No. 2
with Allison Wiese
Date & Time
February 11, 2006, 8pm
Machine Project

A functioning fractionating still (located in our secret gallery) made from household plumbing supplies distills corn whiskey.

Celebrating improvisational authority (the space of the sub-suburban yard fort, and the do-it-yourself zine) Allison Wiese shares strategies of re-use and field-expedient substitution with tinkerers and amateur hobbyists.

Starting at 8pm we are going to stand around, stare at the still, and sample the whiskey. At 9pm Ms. Wiese will talk about her project, covering a tiny-weeny bit of historical context, a cursory description of the process, and an attempt to try to address the top 3 questions folks seem to ask about distilling: Can you go blind from drinking this stuff? Will the still blow up? Is this legal?

Positive ID required at the door.

Still No. 2 is very much about doing it, not necessarily right, but despite.