You Too Can Play Difficult Music: Episode One
with Adam Overton and Mark So
Date & Time
February 12
Machine Project

Adam Overton will present acoustic works requiring the participation of those in attendance. His instrumental and vocal music considers music performance as simply another branch of body art and a fun way to map the limits and being of the performer.

Based on the presumption that living-is-(sometimes-)difficult, any-living-body is automatically hoisted into the realm of the virtuosic, and those within earshot are here invited to celebrate by performing some difficult music.

Mark So presents as they are “mattes 2” and “readings 14”, new pieces which exhibit narrowly-defined structures yet posit an almost impossibly open-ended potential for realization. Performers and listeners alike must hear their way through these strange spaces, encounter and judge what’s there for what it is. There is a special kind of thinking which takes place here, leaving behind the apparatus of knowing and being led by the ear. You, too,* can join Mark and musical guests Johnny Chang, Adam Fong, James Orsher, Harris Wulfson and others in bringing these pieces to life for the first time.

*bring a simple, soft sound that you’d like to play — a low hum, a faint whistle, a personal electric fan, water, your breath across an open bottle, flesh against gossamer, a radio tuned to static, stones rubbed together, your favorite grain poured onto a towel, a private sound from home, a butterfly beating its wings in Africa, etc. — and something to read (even if only to yourself…)