Wednesday, November 8, 2006
Harmonium Ensemble and the color orange.

Harmonium Ensemble
Saturday Nov 11th, 8pm

When we were informed that a Harmonium Ensemble would be performing at Machine on Saturday, we ran to Wikipedia which informed us that a Harmonium is a free-standing musical keyboard instrument not dissimilar to a pipe organ. It consists of free reed pipes and sound is produced by air being pushed or sucked over reeds resulting in a sound similar to that of an accordion. It was invented in Paris in 1842 by Alexandre Debain, and later became very popular in India starting in the mid 19th century. The Harmonium Ensemble was founded in the fall of 2006 as a group of people interested in playing experimental music on harmoniums.

Members: Katie Bachler, Julia Holter, Qusai Kathawala, David Kendall, James Orsher, Tashi Wada

We feel confident this is your best opportunity to see 6 harmoniumists performing together this Saturday.

ing presents orange
Sunday Nov 12th, 5pm

The second installment of ing’s eight month series on the origin of the rainbow. This installement is orange. Please wear something orange.

Takeshi Murata – Untitled (Silver)
Saturday and Sunday Nov 11th – 12th, 12-5pm

Mario Bava’s classic 1960 Italian horror film, Mask of Satan is deconstructed pixel by pixel in Takeshi Murata’s hallucinatory new video, Untitled (Silver). Original soundtrack by Robert Beatty and Ellen Mollé

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