Machine Sewing 101
with Leah Piehl
Date & Time
November 18
Machine Project

I. Introduction: The ins and outs of your sewing machine
Threading the needle / Meet the bobbin / Meet the foot and the pedal / Tension / Reverse / Stitch length (standard, basting, zig-zag)


II. The basics of Sewing The seam: Right sides together, securing the seam, and pressing it out / Additional
frequently encountered stitches — machine hem, gathering, etc. Fabric basics; choosing your fabric: Woven vs. Knit, straight of grain and bias, direction of the nap; fabric width. Preparing your fabric for sewing.


III. Patterns & Construction
Pattern basics: How to choose a pattern; sizing & difficulty. Know what you are getting into and what you need before you get to work. When to do a mock-up first. / Laying out the pattern pieces, notching, pinning and cutting out your fabric. / Prepare to sew! Pinning pieces together.

IV. Sewing!
Step-by-step let’s put our garment together / Finishing touches: buttons, hand sewing, etc. / How does it look and fit. Making adjustments.

V. Extras Demo
(time permitting, because you’ll need them…) Demystifying the zipper / Demystifying the dart / Button hole / Hemming by hand